A beautiful white horse approaches you.  Her crimson main falls on ther neck and her tail swishes quietly.  She reminds you of cookies and good happy things.  She reminds you of home.  A voice speaks, not aloud, but in your mind.  It’s a soft, kind voice.


“I am Lilian,”  it says and you realize the horse is speaking.   “I am the bringer of good dreams.  I bring hope and light.  I can heal you.”  You inwardly feel excited, but you try not to show it.  It does not work.   “Come here,” Lilian says.  You come and Lilian puts her head down and rubs your chest.  All your injuries heal themselves.  Suddenly you feel tired.  The grass is soft.  Crickets sing you a lullaby.  One of the red lines swoop down into your mind.  You fall into the best dream you’ve ever had.


When you wake up all that’s left is a beautiful flower with a blue stem and pink petals.  But that’s OK.  You’ve been visited by Lilian, the pony of peace.  Your wounds have returned, but you have hope.  You are going to be OK.