The banquet was stellar. There were diamond chandeliers, a  velvet pillow on every seat, and  real silver silverware. Everything was perfect. Too perfect. The grand hall had an artificial stench lingering through the air. Even though everything in the room was paid for with cold hard cash, but the people. I wobbled over to the punch bowl in my ultra- slim stilettos and used the ladle to pour the blood-red substance into my glass.

I stood there and watched people laugh and drink wildly. Kids that are not even sixteen yet hit the

bar again and again. Something wasn't right. The music from the chamber orchestra wasn't peaceful or soothing but was badly played and too loud. But there was a peculiar repeating noise. It wasn't off key like the other instruments. Instead it followed a steady rhythm. Wrr, stop, wrr, stop, wrr…in fact it sounded just like…oh no.

My grip on my polished glass is instantly released at the shock of realization. The glass shatters

onto the hard wood floor of the grand hall with a with an earsplitting crash. Next to no one noticed the bloody drink wasted on the floor because almost everyone was watching Dr. Henz do the funky chicken in the middle of the room. I slip my way through the back door. The security guard is crumbled in a heap on the ground so I step over him. This is too easy.

I run through the parking lot my floor length white dress flows behind me. I check every car on the

way to mine. Still there. When I get to mine look underneath. Gone. The engine, the gas tank, everything gone to the last screw and wire.

I'm completely out raged. I call a tow truck to come and pick me up. When I'm done with call  I

Punch angrily at the keys on my cell phone, "Jalen, what did you do to my car?!"